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How does leasing work for a business?

Typically when leasing a car through a business it is determined by your employers what cars or price range you may have to work with.

 Instead of you personally paying for the car the monthly payments are settled by your employers.

Are leasing and personal contract hire the same?

Yes, contract hire and lease are the both of the same, a lot of the time the two get misunderstood for different things.

 A lease or contract hire are long term agreements to which you pay a fixed monthly payment and hand the car back at the end of this term.

Answers to questions that most have when considering leasing a car.


What happens at the end of the lease?

At the end of a leasing agreement it is very straightforward, all you do is hand back the keys and start looking for your new car!

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What happens if I go over the mileage on a lease car?

If you go over the agreed mileage on your car you will be charged per mile that you go over, these prices change depending on the car.

What is the leasing process?

We have put together a full article to help with the process. Please click here.

Do I have an end payment?

No, your final payment will be the same as the previous. Unlike a PCP you do not have a larger end payment when leasing a car.

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What is the difference between personal and business lease?

The difference between personal and business lease is that business lease payments are settled by an individual's employer whereas a personal lease is settled by the individual. Payments seem considerably lower on business lease due to the VAT being paid by the business. 

Apart from these points there is nothing else that differentiates personal and business, there is no extra privileges to a business lease.

Can I settle my car lease agreement early??

You can settle your agreement although the remaining balance of the lease would need to be settled before the agreement could be ended.

What happens if the car gets damaged?

If the car gets damaged you will be covered through the minor damage allowance, if the damage is more significant than this then the excess will not cover and will ultimately land on the individual who the lease car is registered to.

Can I buy the lease car at the end of the agreement?

You've fallen in love with the car your leasing and want to know if there's any way to keep it for good?? Well at the end of the term you initially hand the keys back but you do have the option to either choose a newer model of the car to lease or set out a new lease on the same model car.

What do I do for service or MOT?

Here at AMC Vehicle Solutions we provide maintenance options upon purchase of the car so that you are covered for your period of lease, our cars do not need M.O.T for the first three years therefore you have no need to worry.

Still have questions?? Contact Us for more information!

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FAQs Green Vehicles


Every make and model of all electric vehicles have different charging times some can take up to 12 hours for a full charge or as little as an hour for a certain percentage of charge, it all depends on how many miles you will require to do your journey, the size of the battery and how quickly the charging point allows for a charge. 

A lot of electric owners charge their vehicle regularly, as there are electric charging points in most car parks and shopping centres it makes sense to stick it on charge as you go about your daily routine, a typical electric car of 60kWh battery takes around 8 hours for a fill charge id the battery is empty and a 30-40 minute charge on a 50kWh charging point can give some cars 100 miles. Due to all of these variables it is hard to determine exactly how long it will take to charge until you have decided on a specific make and model


Green cars are said to be better for the environment as they produce less greenhouse gases and air pollutants than petrol or diesel. By charging your car from renewable sources the carbon deficit produced in the manufacture of the car will be period back quicker, these sources can be from solar panels or a 100% green tariff or both.


There are options to purchase an at home charging point this makes it easier for you to charge your vehicle at night so that it is fully charged for the next day. The government offers an OLEV grant for the purchase and installation of the charging points, this grant should help with some of the costs, meaning it is easier to obtain an at home charging point. 

Electric cars come with a unit which allows for them to be charged with a standard home outlet, this is something that is not necessarily a long term solution as it can take a lot longer than a specific EV power source.


The government are offering grants for low-emission or Electric vehicles, this grant is given to the dealers of the EVs, this meaning that you will not need to contact the government as the dealers will include this grant into the price and can be up to £3,000. For the car to be eligible for the grant it would need to a new electric vehicle which is approved for the scheme and range of a minimum of 70 miles. To see if the vehicle you are looking for qualifies for this grant please take a look in the government page -


The government offers a Office For Law Emissions Vehicle grant which enables for EV home charging points. The Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) is provided by the government to help with the cost of product and installation of charging points for those who purchase Electric Vehicles. The grant allows you to claim for one charging point per vehicle with a maximum of who points in the household if there are two EVs in the house. The grant provides around £500 off the cost of the charging points.


Every year newer and more adapted models of Electric vehicles are released, as manufacturers continuously work on improving the range that a full charge will allow. There are many vehicles in the electric market which will provide a good mile range but at this current time the one that provides the highest mile range is 2020 Tesla Model 3 Long Range: 322 miles of range.


You will definitely benefit from having a full electric vehicle, especially compared to petrol or diesel. Through using an electric motor you could save hundreds a year and cut your fuel bill by up to 90%! 
When considering PHEV vehicles it is vital to make sure that the battery is charged daily or at night as using just the petrol or diesel will not be beneficial financially if that is what you areintending on achieving with hybrid or full electric vehicles.


Leasing any car has many benefits but when it comes to leasing and green cars there are more positives. Not only are you driving away with a brand new car you're also contributing with an environmentally friendly vehicle. Electric vehicles are always adapting with new technology, this can be from their performance and what everyone is questioning which is the vehicles range. 

With monthly fixed payments at a cheaper rate through leasing you won't have the worries financially and can always hand the car back at the end of the term for a newer and upgraded version quick and easy. Our vehicles come with road tax and manufacturer included which can also give you peace of mind so that you can fully enjoy your green car.

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