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How leasing works

What is car leasing?

A car lease is essentially a long-term rental agreement, offering exclusive use of a car for a set period at a fixed monthly price. Leasing a car is more than often the cheaper and financially satisfying option compared to buying a new vehicle. 

As a business, this is the most cost efficient method of funding the vehicles as it takes advantage of the tax and vat regulations to reduce the whole life running cost of your vehicles and is supported by the buying power of the finance company, to assist in reducing the cost even further. 

The greatest cost of running any new car is depreciation, and many new cars will lose more than half their initial value after the first three years of ownership.

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Leasing explained

Leasing a car lets you avoid any unexpected costs by offering a fixed monthly payment for the term of the lease.

Unlike dealer finance or bank loans you only pay for the depreciation of the vehicle over the term rather than the full capital value.

Rather than pay large deposits you simply pay a small initial amount, usually equivalent to three monthly payments, at the start of the lease.

Then, at the end of the lease period (typically two or three years), you simply hand the car back. The job of selling the car and picking up the tab for depreciation is the responsibility of the lease company.

How long does leasing a car take?

Leasing a car can either be fast (a couple of weeks), to receiving your new car or it could take a longer before receiving the keys. This is due to the difference between cars that are marked 'In Stock' and cars that will have to be factory ordered.

Cars that are in stock means that they have already been factory made and are ready to go. This meaning that once everything has been finalised it would just depend on the time for the car to get delivered that would cost you to wait. This can vary between 1-3 weeks.
On the other hand to this is a factory made car, made to your specification allowing you to add any optional extras. Although this will take longer depending where the manufacturer is and delivery, the car will be to a specification that suits your needs.


1.Lower Monthly Payments
2.No Negative Equity
3.Simple and hassle free process
4.No vehicle depreciation worries
5.Enjoy a new and reliable vehicle

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