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New Volkswagen Golf 8 (Mk8) 2020

New Volkswagen Golf 8 (Mk8) 2020

The new VW Golf 8 came out earlier this year, don’t be deceived by the looks of the car as this year they have added some sexy and alluring new features.

What are they??

Well for starters they have added matrix LED headlights, first introduced on the VW Touareg these beautiful and clever headlights are now available on the Golf.The lights are available as an option on your new Golf (IQ. LIGHT LED) which comes with 22 individual lights and can change upto 10 different ways all automatically.You may have seen cars on the road with a sliding indicator and this is one way in which the LED lights have been updated, to increase the overall look of the car and visibility to other road users.

Your Phones the key. Wait, what?

 Yes you heard right, VW has enabled your smartphone to become a virtual key! VW has noticed, like everyone, that smartphones are now the future. Once set up all you need to do is head over to the car and it will open, there's a compartment specifically to place your phone when inside and then you're away.This virtual key is not just limited to one phone, you will be able to give this virtual key to other family members so that they can also enter the car.

golf interior

All Digital Drivers display.

Volkswagen are saying goodbye to the well known analogue display and are promoting their new all digital drivers display. This display paired with the touch screen infotainment screen is giving you everything you will need to have a comfortable, enjoyable and safe journey. 

Heads up Display

The Golf is now turning your attention from the drivers display and onto the windscreen, instead of constantly looking down to see your speed or satnav the heads up display projects everything you need to see right on the windscreen in front of you. Therefore making it safer and easier to see what you are doing and where you need to go without any diversions in attention.

golf interior 2


VW have also added the advanced travel assist system to the new Golf 8. This system gives the driver adaptive cruise control, automatic speed and lane assist, as long as the driver has at least one hand on the steering wheel. 

Digital screen panel

As we are all used to the button panel to which you can control the lights, windscreen heaters front and back, beams and fog lights. The new VW Golf has replaced these buttons with a touch screen panel. The panel is also situated higher than in previous models for easier use and functionality.

screenshot 2020 12 03 at 16.14.46

Automatic Shift-by-wire DSG 

The VW Golf is available in both manual and automatic gearbox, if you decide to go for an automatic you will be pleased to know that the gear knob is significantly smaller by allowing the controls to electronically do all the work. By adding this feature the room in which you are given for storage is also maximised.

screenshot 2020 12 03 at 16.15.20

The Golf 8 or also known as Mk8 has the same MQB as the Mk7, with slightly new panels, headlamps and all the additional changes mentioned above, the Golf Mk8 is an amazing car all around. A family car which brings something to everyone in the family without the extremely high price tag like MercedesBMW or Audi.

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